Tuesday, January 04, 2011

First post of 2011

LOL... its the first post of 2011 from me.... but I am gonna say things that happened in December instead... i just realised i have forgotten lots of things that happened in December.... Since this is a diary... i should have it inside yeah? =)

Anyway, December was a month of rushing.... i was practically working everyday... my off days were spent of family gatherings/friends birthday... i was even busy on my off day.. lol....

My cousin's (mum's side) wedding was the highlight for the year I say... my two uncles and their families came back from Australia to attend my cousin Eileen's wedding! =)

On Christmas day, my cousin shux invited us over to her house.... for christmas dinner.... =) turkey and stuff... nice gathering... the turkey was actually quite nice... i enjoyed the turkey. =)

Going to her house was a chore... haha.. i came from my workplace... was working on xmas day... and theres a heavy rainfall that day... and the bus stop got flooded.... -_-" .... and i was without an umbrella...

thank god my cousin and aunt came to bring me up to her home.. but den.. they got their feet all wet.... cos there were wearing slippers .... -_-"

December was also Tsian's birthday.... we settled down at First Ubin Seafood (Behind Changi Village bus terminal) for a seafood dinner.... lol... tsian likes seafood... so its definitely some seafood for his birthday....

overall some of the dishes were good.. but i guess it wasnt as good as the other time my family went.... a screwed up order ... sambal hair-por (crayfish) (xia-po)... would have tasted better than butter hair-por...

Friday, December 31, 2010

2 O 1 1

2011 Resolution

- To open my own retail shop selling bus models by end of the year.
- To lose 20kg in 11 months.
- $3,000 sales for Bushere Collectibles.
- To save up and have a vacation trip out with friends to Taiwan in Nov/Dec.
- To strike at least $500,000 in the weekly Toto.

2 O 1 O

Its the last day of 2010. As you would have know I am now working near SMU. The past month has been busy for me, i practically lost 4 kg over the 10 day work week where I had no off... and was temporarily covering duties for my manager who is on leave. Life was tough when she was not around. Workplace politics and third party interferences (tenants, cleaners, customers).... almost had a stabbing incident there. Scared the hell out of me.... -_-"

I really wanna leave the company soon. =X

But what to do, i just cant find a job in the year end. Probably after chinese new year then we shall see. My manager has been treating me well.. though notoriously she has been said to be the most difficult manager in the organisation to be with.

But she's in high spirits of late... waiting to clear all her outstanding leaves and the chance to finally have a nice chinese new year where i would have to work. God knows what will happen to me after cny... probably the same fate as other staff who get shouted at everyday.

Finally had a 3 day off after the well deserved long working month.

Went to City Square Mall with my parents on wednesday... my parents have never been to city square before and wanted to try if it is convenient to travel to JB by 160/170. I would say they are quite ok with a day out in a different shopping centre... and oso the traffic wasnt tat bad tat day... and they managed to get seats on the trip from JB to Singapore so all was good. =)

Yesterday went with Zhenhui to eat la mian xiao long bao at Marina Square. I find that the portion has gotten smaller.... and we werent full after the meal.. had satay and chicken wings at gluttons bay after watching "The tourist"... chicken wing's fantastic... remember that... we remembered that the orh luak sucks... so we didnt order... and the tables around with lots of leftover orh luak proves our theory just right.

Oh yah btw "The tourist" had the nicest twist ending.. which zhenhui and i enjoyed a lot.. the movie overall doesnt have much plot and action... but i would say they have spent lots of effort on a nice perfect ending... middle part could have added some action thrillers so that it would be much nicer...


Went to Nex @ Serangoon.... I would say i am quite pleased with the shopping mall... there are loads of new retailers out in the market... lots of apparels/ restaurants / fastfood restaurants that most shopping malls do not have.... Ramen Play by BreadTalk is there.... never heard of expect in my uni project until now....

Feel like going again... today was just a glimpse of the mall... didnt really walk as i was carrying quite a bit of bus stock that i just collected from my supplier. so didnt want to break stuff =)

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Kopitiam KK

Had been training for 3 weeks at Kopitiam KK Hospital Outlet.

Today's the last day of work at KK. Somehow or rather, would miss all the colleagues and tenants there.... =) Just as we are getting to know each other well... i am moving on to a new environment. Haix...

Wonder how the new environment would be like. I had been forewarned that 4 persons before me have left the position within the past 6 months after working at that outlet... so the thought of it is rather freakish..... -_-" ...

Wish me well. =)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Working at Kopitiam

Managed to find a job last Monday. Will be working at Kopitiam as Operations Executive, to oversee operations at the food court. =)

6 months finding a job and I had enough. I need a freaking job. Maybe its time to accept fate. With so many FTs in Singapore depressing our wages, its time to stop dreaming of a 2k and above pay. Doesn't pay high for my job but never mind. Just take it as a learning experience.

Job's pretty routine, short working hours a day but 6 days work week. Haix.
My last off day was Hari Raya Haji.... Getting my next off day on coming Saturday.

I aim to be my own boss in the future. It just doesn't work being an employee for life in Singapore with govt policies being so pro-business. Gotta start saving up.

Weeks ago was Peizhen's birthday. Celebrated her birthday at her house. =)

Friday, November 05, 2010

Group Joyride

LOL... Suddenly felt out of place... Like i got nothing better to do all of audden.

Haix. Got rejected by NLB 2 days back. Seriously sucks. Many resumes sent but minimal replies back.

Anyway, I have picked up a new hobby which is to meet up other bus fans for group joyride... used to do it alone.... =)

The first joyride was with Mark and the rest.... Took an ELBO (Service 852) from Bukit Batok to Yishun just before the green seats are gone for refurbishment to blue and purple seats.

Went out for my second joyride yesterday with Kaiwen. Managed to catch SBS997A, Singapore's longest single cabin bus - with 14 rows of seats and also the Hougang Depot Volvos' before they de-register.

Frankly speaking I enjoyed the joyride more than the first, because the timing was perfect..... and there were also lots of photo snapping and most important of all... everyone is meeting up for the first time... so we got to know each other... unlike the first time where most of the older bus fans already know each other.. so you are like more alone as they have already formed a bond earlier on....

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Late for an interview... thanks to this!

Sian... Was stucked in a traffic jam today... I think I just blew my chances for the job because I was late... Zzz.. 10 minutes late due to a 20 minutes jam from SLE (Yishun) to (TPE) Jalan Kayu.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

‘I don’t know what I’m defending anymore’

‘I don’t know what I’m defending anymore’

By Ewen Boey – October 30th, 2010

Young Singaporeans like Lim Zi Rui are becoming increasingly disillusioned and they’re not afraid to let it show.

The 23-year-old final-year aerospace engineering student was among a 1,000-strong crowd who attended a Ministerial Forum organised on Friday by Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Students’ Union.

Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong was the guest-of-honour.

During a dialogue session after SM Goh’s main address, Lim stood up and asked if the Minister was aware that many young people no longer felt a sense of ownership in Singapore.

“When I was younger, I was very proud of being a Singaporean,” said Lim.

“But that was about five, ten years ago. Five years later, with all the changes in policies and the influx of foreign talent, I really don’t know what I’m defending any more.”

He said this was a view that many of the men he served with during National Service also held.

“I feel that there is a dilution of the Singapore spirit in youth… We don’t really feel comfortable in our country any more,” he said.

Mr Goh replied, “‘This is one early sign of danger… If this is happening, it is very serious.” He went on to ask Mr Lim why he felt disconnected.

Mr Lim told SM Goh, ”‘I’m still serving as an officer and I definitely would love to defend Singapore.”

But he said the key difference between him and his foreign friends was, “I tell them, this is my country. I can’t just leave here whenever I want to. You can come and play and work here, but I have to stay here.”

SM Goh responded by defending the government’s policy of welcoming foreigners.

“You want to have a home. Who’s going to build your HDB flat?” said the Minister.

Lim replied that due to the inability to afford the sky-high public housing prices, his brother had to call off his engagement.

“My brother got engaged, but lost his engagement because he could not afford an HDB flat,” said Lim, who went on to state that his question was not about “integrating foreigners”.

“My question was, how are we going to help the younger generation feel a sense of belonging to Singapore? I don’t think it’s about integrating foreigners,” said Lim.

“This is your country,” SM Goh replied. “What do you want me to do to make you feel you belong?”

“For my part, don’t worry about me,” Mr Lim said. “I will definitely do something, if I can, for Singapore. But I can tell you honestly that the sentiment on the ground is a bit different.”

“If this is happening, it is very serious,” said SM Goh.

“If the majority feel they don’t belong here, then we have a fundamental problem. Then I would ask myself: What am I doing here? Why should I be working for people who don’t feel they belong over here?” asked SM Goh.

Earlier on during the dialogue session, the Minister made the point that the next General Elections, due to be held by February 2012, would be a “watershed” for the future of Singapore from which a “fourth Prime Minister and a core team of younger ministers will emerge”.

SM Goh also challenged the young undergrads in his audience to “make a difference to Singapore” by joining local politics.


Yahoo News!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Marina Bay Sands Outing

Went out with Zen and Tsian last week to Marina Bay Sands... our 1st time there... took 106 from dhoby ghaut mrt.... to its doorstep....

When we reached there, we realised MBS hasnt really fully opened its door yet.... the whole ambience was pretty dark.... i dunno if they are doing energy saving or wad so ever...

Anyway, the boat ride... modelled after other countries' "Venice city boat ride" was seriously a scam.. its like a 5 minute walk to clear the entire waterway.... and i really pity those who take the $5 boat ride... seriously i think in 3 minutes you can complete the ride... and there werent many boats paddling around the waterway... and everybody just looked at you from the cafe seats and also tourists taking pictures of the boat and you... and you really look stupid lor....

The night scenery outside MBS wasnt as spectacular and as scenic as the one I saw while I was walking the Avenue Of Stars in Hong Kong... Singapore's across the bay version wasnt as good.... it wasnt as brightly lighted as those in Hong Kong.... so you cant expect nice and beautiful pitures... The weather was pretty cold that day and it was quite nice having the river breeze.... smell of nature =)

Worst of all in MBS was that apart from a cafe and a food court that looks really run-down like a coffee shop that sells char siew rice at $5 and economical rice at $8, there wasnt any restaurant spotted in the MBS shopping arena... and while we were taking pics at the bayfront.... there was this vietnamese tourist that came and ask us if there was any food available around the area.. and then we told him gluttons bay and pointed at the direction... and we was like -_-" wtf.. so far away...

I guess we really gotta wait one more year before we really go to MBS... apart from the bus services, hotels, convention centre and the casino, i feel much of it isnt really operational yet.

We decided to walk down to Marina Square to have our favourite "Imperial Treasure" la mian xiao long bao.. we ordered 1 tray of xiao long bao per person..hehe.... as usual, we like it much more after our meal =)